Make Caribbean Reef Buddy your partner for dedicated support for your research project on Carriacou. We are able to offer the flexibility, facilities & resources, both in terms of equipment and experienced support staff to help you reach your personal research goals.

Caribbean Reef Buddy Academic Projects


While our volunteer programs are focused on developing responsible diving techniques, and actively promote conservation towards our on-going projects, the academic internship is designed to allow students of biology and field related courses to enhance their scientific skills and academic development.

This program aims:
• to provide mentored research experience for marine biology and field-related students
• to provide logistic support for students and researchers wishing to conduct they studies in collaboration with Caribbean Reef Buddy
• to enhance understanding and interest in marine biodiversity

Our internship is focused on conducting primary research, and is offered as professional practice for last year undergraduate students, master or PhD students wishing to conduct research in the area. Academic benefit from this high-quality scientific program enables university-level students to publish papers in peer reviewed journals to strengthen their resume. This program also enables scientific knowledge to be used in conservation and management interventions.

Please note that a minimum of six weeks dedication and Advanced Open Water (or equivalent) certification is required, so if you don’t yet hold an Advanced certification, we recommend you first apply for the volunteer program and then continue your education through to the internship. In such a case the volunteer program will count as part of your internship training time.

The academic internship is designed individually to achieve your personal research goals. Therefore, details on costs, length of stay and infra-structures need to be discussed case-by-case. Our goal is to enhance scientific understanding of our ecosystems; therefore, we make sure to organize a package that best meets the needs of your project with us. This is only possible due our long-term relationship with our local partners (i.e. hotel, dive center, sailboat) who offer us reduced prices to facilitate research and conservation in our region. Additionally, we can provide all logistic support and technical expertise in case the research needs to be conducted for a longer period than your stay.

If you wish to conduct your research here, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. Our Head of Science and Conservation, Yara Tibiriçá, PhD, is a renowned marine biologist, specialising in nudibranchs. She has experience overseeing and conducting scientific research projects, and will be happy to discuss your options with you.

If you don’t yet have a project and are looking for a topic, here are some ideas of projects we are interested in:

Sea slugs biodiversity assessment (potential of discovering and describing new species - for this project you must have access to a molecular lab. at your university)

Diversity and habitat preference of predatory fish using BRUVs (no dives required)

Catalyzing conservation, citizen science and public awareness through a marine life platform

Benthonic community structures and influence in the establishment of the invasive sun corals (Tubastraea spp.)

Survival rate and growth of re-planted corals

The journey of plastic: Impact and types of microplastic in Carriacou (no dives required)

Lionfish containment program and its impact on fish communities 

Canada College Marine Biology Field Course


This program is design for universities, schools and groups of students interested in a curricular marine biology experience. Our field courses aim to provide both theory and practical skills to schools/university or ‘hard naturalists’ groups. Itineraries can be tailored to follow your institution curriculum needs and provide credit for students.

We have a wide-range of pre-structured mini-courses that you can choose from and customize your own class-expedition. If you would like to cover a subject that is not related to one of our current initiatives, please contact us and let us know! We work with several international universities and institutions, so we can always find the right expert to deliver a course on demand.

“Our Canadian college partnered with Caribbean Reef Buddy (CRB) to run a marine conservation field course. The Caribbean experience was unlike anything I have done before. The setting is quaint with a variety of excellent food choices and moderate shopping convenience. The staff are incredibly supportive. Local residents are friendly. The scenery and recreational opportunities are fantastic. Everyone on this trip experienced hands-on learning and made lifelong memories. Caribbean Reef Buddy staff went out of their way to provide flexible instructional supports to different skill and ability levels of our participants. CRB was also very constructive in providing or suggesting additional social/recreational opportunities in the Island of Carriacou.” Jeremy St. Onge, Professor at Canadore College.


Caribbean Reef Buddy can support your project or field course by taking care of arrangements for your stay on the island, providing the facilities & resources for field work and helping with dive training and organising activities.

Accommodation & Food

We have a wealth of contacts for accommodation on the island - from low cost guest houses for a week or fortnight, to self-catering apartments for long stays, and camp sites for large groups.

We can make arrangements for food on a half board or full board basis - meals will include a variety of island foods and international cuisine. Special diets can be catered for on request.

Dive Boats and Dive Guides (provided in partnership with Deefer Diving Carriacou)

At 34 ft long and 16 ft wide, MV Phoenix offers a 180 sq ft shaded dive deck and a 150 sq ft sun deck. We can take up to 12 divers on a two tank dive, in addition to 3 dive professionals, and there is plenty of space for equipment.

MV Jacquito is a 26 ft long Glacier Bay catamaran and is fitted out for up to six divers. A cuddy cabin is available as a dry storage area. Jacquito is powered by two 150HP engines, and is ideal for longer trips.

Scuba Equipment

A range of full scuba equipment in all sizes is available, as well as 8l and 12l aluminium tanks (both DIN & yoke), and fast refills. Enriched Air Nitrox is available on request.


We can help with contacts to enquire about and apply for any permits you may require for your research project.


We offer support for closed circuit rebreather divers. Please contact us to discuss your requirements.

Publications based on data gathered in Carriacou with the aid of Caribbean Reef Buddy and Deefer Diving Carriacou


We usually aim to respond within 24 hours, but please bear with us during busy periods. We are also happy to arrange a Skype call to discuss your requirements.