The Caribbean Reef Buddy team consists of biologists, enthusiasts & diving professionals who are passionate about marine conservation.


Our Mission is to work with and in support of local communities to assist in the protection and preservation of a healthy, diverse and sustainable marine ecosystem.

Our Objective lies in maintaining strong ties and links to the local community, their interests and concerns. The success and sustainability of any marine environmental study or conservation project is largely dependent on a comprehensive outreach program.

Our Vision is the continual identification of marine ecological and environmental initiatives within Grenada and Carriacou. Deliver local, national and international outreach programs in conjunction with an all inclusive training package to protect and preserve the marine and coral reef ecosystem.


Caribbean Reef Buddy is supported by a team of PADI professionals, biologists and marine conservation & diving enthusiasts.

Gary Ward Caribbean Reef Buddy


Gary Ward

Finance Director

Gary is one of the founder members of CRB with head in the ocean and feet on the ground. He is a Chartered Accountant and holds a Masters of Business Administration (MBA) degree from Henley Business College. He realizes that conservation projects are critical to the survival of the reefs, but they need to be financially sustainable in order to last long and achieve magnificent goals. Gary is also a PADI Master Instructor and an excellent mentor, patient teacher and loves nothing more than seeing the bright happy faces of new students. Gary is actively involved in the Marine Conservation effort to help to protect the marine environment in Carriacou.

Alexandra Ward Caribbean Reef Buddy


Alexandra Ward

Outreach Director and Field Expert

Alex is a keen underwater naturalist, Padi Master Instructor and photographer. She has excellent knowledge of all the marine life found in the waters around Carriacou. Born in Austria and raised in England, Alex speaks both English and German fluently, and enjoys teaching in both languages. Alex is often described a born teacher, and loves helping new divers discover a love for the underwater world. With a background in IT, she is the team's computer wizard. She also administers CRB's social media. Her hobbies include cooking, reading, and taking care of her menagerie of animals. Her favourite way of spending an evening is curled up on the sofa with her dog Padi and a good book.

Matt Rideout Caribbean Reef Buddy


Matt Rideout

Executive Director

Matt is a founder member of the CRB and has a marine biology background. Having spent 17 years in the British Army, it was during a career break that Matt came across the beautiful island of Carriacou and decided to stay! Matt has combined his love of diving with marine conservation and now works closely with government representatives to establish and deliver projects on Carriacou to both sustain and protect the beautiful reefs around the island. When not under water, Matt can be found chasing the wind... wind surfing and kite surfing - it’s a tough life!

Caribbean Reef Buddy Yara


Yara Tibiriçá, PhD

Head of Science & Conservation

Educated in Brazil, Australia and Spain, Yara completed her PhD in October 2017. For her PhD she investigated nudibranch phylogeny and described eleven new species for science. She has two sea slugs named after her. Her first marine biology course is at age of nine and she started to dive when she was 15 years old. She is passionate about everything you find in the ocean and is always searching for new learning opportunities and ways to contribute to conservation. She has built a marine research field station in remote Africa, conducted benthonic surveys in Antarctic, research fish and marine invertebrates in the most remote islands of the world and now is in Carriacou to collaborate with the conservation projects, mentor marine biology students and assist with the scientific size of our programs.


Caribbean Reef Buddy is supported by a team of 8 PADI professionals, biologists and marine conservation & diving enthusiasts.

Caribbean Reef Buddy Andre


Andre Mckie

Instructor, Lionfish Containment

Andre is a dedicated PADI instructor working for our partner dive center, Deefer Diving. Andre joined the Deefer Diving team in March 2016 as a dedicated boat skipper. Andre is an expert lionfish containment specialist, and will accompany lionfish hunting dives whenever possible.

Caribbean Reef Buddy Nora


Nora Valdes

Instructor, Fish ID

Nora first came to Carriacou in May 2018 to join Caribbean Reef Buddy's volunteer program. She promptly fell in love with the island and all its creatures, and has now returned on a more permanent basis. Working as a diving instructor for our partners Deefer Diving, Nora specialises in Fish ID.

Caribbean Reef Buddy Jon


Jon Langdon Wright

Technical and field expert

Jon is a highly qualified rebreather and recreational diver instructor. He is the Macgyver of team and always willing to help to turn a scientific tool idea in reality. He has been working closely with scientists for the past 10 years and understand well the challenges, frustrations and overwhelming results of conservation and science projects. His contribution goes beyond make cool instruments a reality, his technical dive skills has resulted in the discovery of a new species from the twilight zone.

Caribbean Reef Buddy Dean


Dean Campbell

Boat Skipper

Dean's bio coming soon!

Katlynd Treiber Vadja, BSc

Conservation Associated Adviser

Katlynd is a wildlife biologist and conservation enthusiast, previously specializing in all things reptilian. After arriving in Carriacou for a 6 month stint to monitor nesting sea turtles, she started to collaborate with CRB and never stopped. Originally hailing from Niagara Falls, Canada, Katlynd sees a bright future for marine conservation projects on Carriacou. She lived here for 5 years helping in the setup of the conservation projects, assisting in the maintenance and monitoring of Carriacou’s Elkhorn coral nursery, lionfish hunting and raising community awareness regarding the importance of marine conservation.  She is now back in Canada but still in collaboration with CRB remotely.

Erwan Sola, PhD

Coral Scientist Associated Adviser

Erwan has completed his master’s degree and PhD on coral recruitment and connectivity and works with coral reproductive ecology. He is an environmental consultant for benthic studies, reef monitoring, higher education and reef restoration.

Carlos E. Junqueira de Azevedo Tibiriçá, PhD (candidate)

Technical and field expert

Carlos specialized in toxic dinoflagellate, phylogeny and human impacts on the marine environment. He is very knowledgably on experiment set ups and a natural bio statistic.