Located in the heart of the Caribbean West Indies, Carriacou is a friendly small island that makes people instantly feel welcome.

Carriacou Isle of Reefs


Nestled in the embrace of the southern Caribbean, Carriacou resides as a gem in the West Indies archipelago. This warm and welcoming island instantly wraps visitors in its friendly embrace, creating an atmosphere of instant belonging.

Located within the heart of the vibrant Southern Caribbean, Carriacou stands as a welcoming jewel, a stone's throw from Grenada. Amidst stretches of sandy beaches and expansive forests, Carriacou offers a serene escape, untouched by flashy resorts and tourist snares.

Surrounded by vibrant coral reefs, the island boasts sandy shores that invite leisurely strolls, sun-soaked afternoons, and captivating snorkeling ventures. With a perpetual warm and sunny climate, air temperatures caress 25°C (73°F) in the winter and embrace 30°C (86°F) during the summer.

Carriacou's proximity to the famed Tobago Cays, a backdrop for the Pirates of the Caribbean film, adds to its allure. The Tobago Cays Marine Park, a sanctuary for turtles, beckons with the opportunity to swim and snorkel alongside hawksbill and green turtles, a truly unforgettable experience


Carriacou unfolds as a treasure trove, boasting more than 30 exquisite dive sites that cater to every underwater adventurer. From exhilarating drifts to serene reefs and captivating wrecks, the spectrum of dives suits divers of all proficiencies. Depths range from 12m/40ft to a maximum of 30m/100ft, with pristine visibility consistently on display.

In the tranquil embrace of summer, the Caribbean Sea bestows calm waters. A balmy water temperature of around 29°C/84°F calls for a mere 3mm or 5mm shorty wetsuit. For those coming equipped with their own mask and fins, we recommend a black-skirted mask to minimize reflections and enhance focus, along with open-heel fins paired with boots.

Deefer Diving Carriacou stands as a steadfast partner of Caribbean Reef Buddy, offering scuba equipment, dive boats, and training courses to our volunteers. As a PADI 5 Star Dive Resort and an SSI Dive Resort, Deefer Diving presents a comprehensive spectrum of courses, spanning all levels up to Instructor certification.

Carriacou Dive Sites
Social Life & Relaxing in Carriacou


Carriacou unfolds its beauty, encircled by stretches of pristine sandy beaches and tranquil turquoise waters—an idyllic haven for sunseekers and those eager to soak in the sun's warmth. The name "Carriacou" stems from the Carib-Indian term meaning the "Isle of Reefs," painting a picture of the island's stunning underwater realm.

For those yearning to delve into the island's wonders, a plethora of possibilities awaits (additional costs may apply):
+ Embark on guided island tours, immersing yourself in Carriacou's essence.
+ Discover beaches like Anse La Roche, Paradise Beach, and Petite Carenage.
+ Set sail on island excursions, punctuated by beach bars and BBQs.
+ Harness the winds with invigorating kite surfing adventures.
+ Unveil the allure of the legendary bar on Happy Island!
+ Traverse the mangroves and embark on a nature walk through the High North nature park.

Carriacou invites you to explore, rejuvenate, and create lasting memories amidst its enchanting offerings.


Our closest international gateway is Maurice Bishop International Airport (GND) in St. George's, Grenada—a hub that welcomes direct flights from the UK, US, Canada, and Germany. For availability, reach out to airlines directly. Once in Grenada, your journey continues with convenient options: the Osprey, Tyrell Bay Express or Dolly C Ferries, whisking you to Carriacou.

The Osprey ferry charts its course on Mondays to Saturdays, with sailings at 9am.  Additional sailings at 6pm from Grenada are also available Monday/Wednesday/Friday. The leisurely voyage with Osprey takes about 90 minutes, and the fare is $31 USD. Meanwhile, the Tyrell Bay Express sets sail in the evenings on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Saturdays. Dolly C has evening departures on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays. Both Dolly C and The Tyrell Bay Express take approximately 3.5 hours and cost US$23 each way.

Flights are also available through SVG Air departing from St George's for the 20-minute flight to Carriacou. Flights depart Friday to Tuesday and cost US$70 each way with both morning and afternoon flights. Upon your arrival, a Reef Buddy team member eagerly awaits your ferry disembarkation on Carriacou's shores. With open arms, we extend a warm welcome to embark on this incredible adventure alongside us.

Travel to Carriacou on Osprey